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How To Get Ahead of “Life”

June 14, 2020 Thoughts

Most people who work “full time” (35-40 HRs per week) likely wonder why they feel like they’re “stuck” and “not getting ahead” in life..

The explanation is very simple; the fixed+variable weekly costs are almost equal to the weekly income generated.

The solutions are comparably simple;
1) work more hours [this gets you ahead]
2) increase the value of your time [this improves your living standard]

Let’s break down what a typical work week @ minimum wage in Australia (where I currently live) goes;

40 HRS @ $20/HR = $800 weekly income

10 HRS = $200 housing (25% variable)
8 HRS = $160 income tax (20% mostly fixed)
7 HRS = $140 shopping (arbitrary things)
7 HRS = $140 travel (arbitrary car + fuel)
5 HRS = $100 food (arbitrary food)
3 HRS = $60 savings <= getting “ahead” of current position

If you look closely, about 92% of weekly income just goes towards weekly “operations” of existing (not getting ahead). These are essentially fixed/required costs that I call “Weekly Existence Costs”. Each hour you get ahead of your WEC, you get “ahead” in life.

*Society has engineered a pricing equillibrium for houses, cars, etc so that their repayments fit just inside your 40HR work week*.. But luxuries are priced for those who breakout and achieve/earn above a baseline education and typical work week.

This also explains why I work at least 70 hours a week, because each week you get a whole 30 hours ahead of your “Weekly Existence Costs”, or bring forward 10x weeks of future “savings” in 1x week! Imagine doing this every week for a year — yay! Or 5x years — wow!!

In conclusion, my advice to “getting ahead” of your current position is simply to;
1) invest more time into increasing the *hours* of income generation
-going from 40HR/week to 50HR/week; bringing forward an additional 10HRS of savings each week ahead of your “Weekly Existence Costs”
increasing your income hours gets you ahead of your current position, by bringing future weekly savings into the current week
2) invest more time into increasing the *value* of your time
-the skill/tools related to your income, so you can go from $20/hr in production value to $25/hr in production value, etc
increasing the value of your time improves the quality of your 92% WEC spend, such as better housing or a better car

BONUS) realise that most jobs are going to get replaced by technology/automation every single year .. Odds are, your job wont exist in 10-20 years (look at self checkout in retail, or robots in manufacturing, etc), so right now is the best time to bring forward that future income!

This is just a draft I whipped up within 30 mins of waking up, so I may come back and edit/polish it later.. At least its get the point across for now 😜 Hope this helps!

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