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Why I Work 80HR/Weeks (and you should too)

March 9, 2019 Thoughts

In short, there is a limited amount of work left before jobs are one-by-one lost to AI, automation, machines, robots, etc.

We all know that in some point in the future, nearly everything will be automated. Some experts say 50% of jobs will disappear within 20 years, while the rest only dispute the number of years (some say faster, some say slower).

It’s like when gold is discovered in a certain area; the first people on-site generally find the most gold, while there is little or no gold for latecomers.

I estimate there’s about 200 trillion man-hours of work left before ~99% of jobs are replaced by automation over the next ~40 years! This is calculated by multiplying the rough number of jobs in existence (5 billion?) *times* the average number of hours per year for each job (2,000?) *times* the total number of years (~40) *times* half (50%, because jobs are lost over time, not all at once, this adjusts the total hours).

This is like saying there’s 200 tons of gold in the last mine on Earth. Now, how much would you like to mine? 20-hours per week? 40-hours per week?

Me? I’m mining as many man-hours of work as possible, because there may not be any work for my potential future children by the time they become adults..

(PS, feel free to leave a comment below if you agree/disagree, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts!)

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