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Good Feedback Makes Me Happy, Bad Feedback Makes Me Improve

September 10, 2019 Thoughts

I just wanted to document the priority date of my philosophic quote I’ve made up 😝 (Sept 10, 2019!)

But yeah, I think its imperative that people become more receptive to feedback. It’s quite sad we’re mostly afraid to share honest/critical feedback because it may be ill-received.

If more people welcomed constructive criticism, I think it would enable more people to improve.

Of course we all love when someone says “you’re so good at that!” (e.g. I love when people tell me how much they like our CarSwap app), but, that’s actually limiting you from improving. If everyone said they loved the CarSwap app, what would compel/inspire us to improve it?

Therefore, we should appreciate negative feedback even more than positive feedback, as it gives you a chance to improve! Hence, my philosophy in the headline 🙂

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